Gita Levy


To me, art is an experimental state of mind – in both shape and media. I use mixed media, experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques, such as industrial oils, nets and various construction materials.

My first encounter with abstract art followed many years of figurative painting. This revolutionary experience made me abandon all familiar models and restrictions, and caused me to forget my fear of error. I began to express myself with passion and determination – and often even wildly, using a wide variety of bold colors expressing power and depth. Thus was born a unique combination of figurative and abstract painting, creating a personal expression that characterizes much of my work – Human Abstract.

I begin each piece by creating a background from a multitude of colors reflecting my mood. The background, gradually building up, arouses my inspiration. While laying colors on the canvas, I begin to notice figures and shapes revealing themselves out of the background. The figures are created almost independently, calling me in a way that cannot be ignored. All shapes speak to me – even in my everyday life. I often work over existing paintings, overlying them with new colors and materials, so that the demolition of one painting brings to life a fascinating new piece.

Currently, I am inspired by artists such as Giacometti, Gerhardt Richter, and Czech photographer Jan Saudeck.
After many years of intensive painting, I still participate in art workshops. I have studied at a variety of schools and workshops, such as:

• Kibbutz Artists Workshop
• Beit Berl School
• Basis – School of Art and Sculpture
• New York Studio School
• Moulin de Perrot, France

One Man Shows
• Neeman Gallery, Tel Aviv, "Fingerprint 2"
• Beit Sharet Gallery, WHERE, "Fingerprint 1"
• Beit Magor

Group Shows
• Arsouf Gallery
• Magen David – Israeli Artists Show in Milan
• "Framework Woman" – 100 Years' of Woman's Day, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
• "Color of Things 2" – Jaffa Port
• "Imagination" – Israeli Art, Hapoalim Bank, Tel Aviv
• Israeli Artists Show, Germany
• Lighthouse Gallery, Jaffa Port
• "Virility and Seasons" – Shoham Center of Arts
• "Lights" – Shoham Center of Arts